Everyday I think to myself thank GOD for the internet.

It’s because we’re so lucky to have the resources at our fingertips of the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of experts and people who are pushing the envelope in every area of lifestyle, business, and development.

Without the internet connecting me to virtual mentors from across the world, there would be no way I’d be in the position I’m in now.

There’s a wealth of information out there on ANY topic, but on this blog we focus on lifestyle, personal development and business, so I want to keep this page open as a running tab on the best resources out there for people to dig into. If your favorite resource is missing, please use the contact page to get in touch.



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Power Players With Grant Cardone

The Foundation Podcast

General Interest

The Joe Rogan Podcast

The James Swanwick Podcast

Freakonomics Radio


The Tim Ferris Podcast

Real Social Dynamics

The Tony Robbins Podcast