What is SEO?

We all want to advertise our websites and blogs in YouTube, we also would love if we can advertise in multiple popular websites so we can have a huge amount of website traffic. That’s Exactly what SEO, Search Engine Optimization is but in a totally different and even better way than ads and banners. Here’s where it gets better, it won’t cost you an arm nor a leg. SEO Is totally free.

So what is SEO?


According to Wikipedia, SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a given specific website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results often referred to as natural, organic, or earned results. In general, the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users, and these visitors can be converted into customers.

In more simple words, SEO creates a good environment for your forum’s topics, your site’s pages or you blog’s articles in online searching engines such as Google and Bing. The bizarre thing about it is that the majority of the people who look for growing their online business is that they run to paid ads and ignore the benefits in SEO.
Your content must be unique and attractive as much as possible, that is how you can make your blog more valuable to new visitors. Your web domain’s age is also plays a big role in SEO, because the older your website is, the more its credibility will increase. Try to use as many good keywords as you can, these will raise your SEO on page, which is something good and legal. Be aware of the people who claim to sell SEO courses because it’s not science you just have to unleash your creativity.
Also avoid spamming and using spamming soft wares in your blogs, it’s illegal and it will cause you a lot of serious problems with searching engines, try to convince people to share your blog links on social media websites such as Facebook, Google + and YouTube. That will come with benefits for both others that will enjoy your content and for you as the blog’s owner.

Remember to stick with these points, as you can see if you Google about a service, you will eventually find 2 sections, ads and top results, SEO really saves you money.

We asked a couple of blog owners that gained fame through Search Engine Optimization, we were informed that your visitors can reach over 100 K just in a year and a half, 88% of visiting source is searching engines.
Now as you have read more about this great technique and understood it’s pros, don’t hesitate to try it and begin the road to online success and fame. Remember that it’s all about being creative and hard working so do not let people scam you with books and courses that won’t help you and on the other hand will cost you precious time that you can exploit in better things.

The 4 Apps Every Business Needs

With our world becoming more and more reliant on mobile phones and tablets, business owners and employees are now faced with the need to keep up with the trends and stay on top of their business no matter where they are. Developers are seeing this as a HUGE opportunity to create business solutions in the form of a handy app. So here are four apps that every business owner should be using to ensure that their very own business is run smoothly!

· Evernote 

Evernote’s suite of services is one of the best ways to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas no matter where you are. The tools not only allow you to organize the different lists, snapshots and projects and potential ideas that you have, but it also allows for seamless sharing across different devices.

1000px-evernote-svgNot only that, Evernote takes it one step further by allowing all these thoughts and ideas to be shared with your coworkers/employees with ease. Evernote not only lets you nurture your ideas, but it promotes collaboration- even when you’re on the go!


· Slack

Arguably one of the hottest startups in the market today, Slack should be on every single business owner’s phone. Slack is especially useful for quick communication with your team. Although it initially looks like a simple chat room, filtering and searching for important items or topics is incredibly easy on this interface.


Slack is versatile, allowing you to create multiple channels (or chat rooms) that focus on different topics. For instance, you can talk to your managers about new ideas and projects in one channel and plan the next company happy hour in another.

It doesn’t stop there. Features are customizable and the basic version of Slack is free for an unlimited number of users!

· Clear

Need to go to the grocery store and keep track of all your business meetings for the day? Have no fear, Clear is here!

Clear is a gesture-based time management app. It is best known for its usability since the motions used for operating the app are highly intuitive. In order to adjust items, you can pull them from the screen, pinch them and swipe them off when you’ve successfully completed a task!

Managing lists is easy, so for any busy entrepreneur, this app is a must have. Another perk? You can sync this to all of your Apple devices.

· TripIt


With any company that is on the rise, travel is expected. Conferences, business trips, and company events are incredibly difficult to keep track of at times, and when it comes to expensing all of it at the end of the month, things get even harder. That’s why TripIt is a must-have for any business owner.

TripIt consolidates your crazy travel schedule and keeps track of all your bookings no matter what website you used to book it. Simply forward all e-mails to TripIt and you’ll have a mobile travel assistant with you at all times, ready to help with airport directions and more.

These are just a few of our favorites and companies are constantly coming up with cool, sleek apps that can help you in all facets of your business! One tip that we have for you is to constantly be aware and to keep a lookout for apps that could be beneficial to your business. Good luck!




My Favorite Working Music

The Best Music to Listen to While On a Job

Work and music, some love the combination, some don’t. Personally, I am a fan of listening to something good while I work. It helps in relaxing my mind and soothing my spirit. As I listen, I feel more motivated to work, and I don’t get tired as easily.

You may have tried using music while working but it didn’t go well with you. This is probably because you used the wrong kind of music. You need to understand that music is of different genres and each has its effect on the mind. While some may inspire you to work more, others may make you work slowly, leading you to abandon your job, nobody wants that!

Now the question is, what is the appropriate type of music for work according to each task?

If you are a corporate worker in a public office, or any other environment where you may need have a headset on and it is not appropriate to have one on, then it is imperative that you follow the rules and get isolation earphones.

You can try out the following kinds of music when you work;

Try movie soundtracks


A movie soundtrack from any motion pictures production is ideal for working.

These soundtracks usually invoke your emotions and are traditionally non-interruptive. I call them “epic music.”

There are a fantastic motivation for carrying out tasks that require a significant amount of concentration like coding, writing, and any other creative or verbal task.

Try video game music 

Even when you are not a game freak, you can still try to incorporate video game music into your working schedule. Even casual video game music can suffice. These video game soundtracks are usually on-par with motion picture soundtracks. Just like all non-lyrical songs, it is ideal for different tasks that require concentration and a lot of verbal thoughts.


Try classical music 

Classical music is not trending these days, but it’s still one of the greatest working tools you find. Classical music tends to produce what we call a Mozart Effect, the ability for a type of music to cause short-term improvement in performance while carrying out certain tasks. Classical music can enhance your reasoning while you perform your tasks. Personally, I’ll go for; Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, or even other classical music formed by several composers.

Try other non-lyrical music

Music without lyrics, or as it is widely known, non-lyrical music, go with just orchestral and instrumental. Whether you get them from video games or movies, they are always perfect for working on your tasks, especially when these tasks require maximum attention and concentration.

Try foreign language music

Music on its own is a language. Most music lovers refer to music as the language of the soul. There are several languages in the world each of which has their music. So even as an English speaking native, no rule says you must listen to only English music. Try listen to music in other languages as well.

I have found that this is suitable for me. If I don’t understand the song at all, I can listen to it while carrying out a task that require concentration. This is because my brain processes this foreign language as just sound and not sensible words. If I am fluent in that particular language, then my brain wiIl treat it the same as the same old lyrical music.

Try lyrical music

Lyrical music includes any music that involves people singing in words that can be interpreted. Apart from enjoying it just for fun is advisable that you use it when performing administrative tasks that require concentration.

There are also some cases where the best music is no music. Yes, there are some cases where you will benefit from playing music while working, but in other case, you may not need to have music on while working. The point is no when to use music and what music to use and borrow a tip or two from my favorite working music.